A journey into the unknown

45 years 2 months, 26 days & approximately 12 hours, that’s how long I’ve existed as I write this, this blog, tome, wittering, stream of consciousness, or what ever it turns out to be.
Obviously as I continue to write, so does my existence continue, I’ve always been a sucker for concepts involving existentialism, time, philosophy & the elasticity of all three. The problem is that most of the time I fail to make head nor sense of any of them & end up rambling.
So perhaps that’s exactly what this is on one level, an attempt to make some kind of sense of my existence as a 40 something male in the modern world & at the very least strike a chord with other like minded individuals. That said, it may lead to rambling at points, but given my very nature I hope, dear reader you will forgive & indulge me at the times it does.

So, why am I here? It’s an age old question that countless minds far greater than mine have asked & will likely continue to ask on a a deeper level than I intend to explore, I’m by no means touting myself as a modern Plato or Aristotle, whilst I undoubtedly have an ego, mine is far to fragile to even begin to offer answers or compare myself in such exalted company. The irony being that this Is an exercise in egotism itself.

For a while now family & friends have remarked that I should write, as a lover of the written word, those remarks have always initially struck a chord, but then on deeper consideration, led me to question If I’m capable of doing so, to ponder if I’m able of retaining an audience’s attention & then to agonise over what if anything I write about.

Supposedly the basic tenant & advice to any aspiring writer is to write about what you know. So here we are, I know me best & therefor, for the time being at least that’s my chosen subject.
This is a challenge to myself, to see if I’m capable, a journey & journal of myself as a 40 something male trying to make sense of the modern world & his place in it.

I’m well aware of the dichotomies & irony involved in documenting such a journey, but I’m hoping that you the reader will come along with a rye smile upon your face, a chuckle when you recognise of some of the commonality in the things we experience & share in day to day reality, be they problems, surprises or simple delights.
Lastly I hope my words do me justice, hopefully time will tell, but I’ve taken the first step, I’ve committed my words, if not to paper as such, then at the very least where others can read them and for me personally it’s a huge step. I welcome criticism & feedback as I continue, in fact if it provokes debate, all the better.